Ms. Barton basically shattered my expectations of what it means to be a spiritual leader.  I finished this book shortly before quitting ministry – not because the book persuaded me to, but because my spirit was too weak to continue.

I normally can read books at a quick pace, but this book took me about seven months.  I could only read a paragraph or two at a time.  The way Barton wrote forced me to slow down and chew this rich food of wisdom.

This is one of the books that I believe everyone who identifies as professional clergy should read. The current pastoral model seems to push us towards a CEO archetype and Barton encourages us to recapture the archetype of a spiritual leader.

I’ve read a few thousand books in my life, but this is one of the few that I tread with a bit of trepidation. To strengthen the soul of your leadership, you have to encounter your soul – and that is a messy thing.

Also, I want to thank Brent Hardesty for sharing this book with many, including myself. I believe he truly embodies the spiritual leader and am honored he is a friend.