Just under two years ago, I was encouraged to start a fan page with me as the subject for the fandom. I thought it was a bit ridiculous, but I succumbed because I like it when people like me… even if it is a frivolous like that is generated because someone accidentally clicked the “like” button.

I have recently started using my fan page again and posted this below:

Mike W. McVey’s non-patented 4 Steps to a New Friendship

1. Find someone.

2. Tell them you appreciate them (hopefully for something they don’t normally get recognized)

3. ????

4. Great friendship

When you are a kid, it can be difficult to make friends. Even though the rules are similar as those for adults, kids are more distracted by the shinies of life because they haven’t built up the discipline that most adults have. Identifying with the weird kid is difficult as long as you are trying to be a cool kid. This is generally true even if you happen to be the second weirdest kid. We want acceptance, not scorn.

As we get older, we still have similar situations. Some things change as the weird kids are the more interesting people. They challenge me to have a more centered life. There is still a desire to be one of the cool kids, but many start to realize which lines will not be crossed.

So what is the 3rd step in my non-patented 4 Steps to a New Friendship? It is so easy, or at least obvious, you will roll your eyes! Don’t worry, I will not stretch this out forever or make you click a link so you use up your data plan. The answer is perseverance. Did you really expect a different answer from me? You do remember that the subtitle to my book is “Sharing Stories of Perseverance,” right? (You don’t? Oh. Well, in that case, this is a great opportunity to buy the “Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #6,672,219 in Books” and the “Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #2,236,070 Paid in Kindle Store. Click this link if you are interested.)

Okay, so the 3rd step is perseverance. What exactly does that mean? And doesn’t that sound a bit stalker-ish? I mean if I follow someone around all the time, that feels really creepy. You are right, that would be creepy. What I mean by perseverance is being there day in and day out; through the good times, the crappy times, and the majority of time that makes up life. Some friendships happen more quickly than others, but for a great friendship to happen, it takes time.

Time is the ultimate luxury of this world. Using your time to stick with those you care about (or anybody, really) is the greatest gift you can give. Sticking with people is not easy… it is an ongoing series of choices that must continue to be in the affirmative. Perseverance means sticking with your friend even when they sometimes don’t want you around.

I stand by my non-patented 4 steps (feel free to steal and patent them yourself). If you want to build a great friendship, it is as “easy” as find someone to be your friend. Appreciate them. Persevere through the relationship and voila!