Watership Down is an interesting book. I think I watched parts of the animated movie in the 1980s, but I was never actually exposed to the book until I was in college. In his book, “A Community of Character,” Stanley Hauerwas uses Adams’ story of a subsection of rabbits who know that change is coming as a depiction for the church. I had read those chapters from Hauerwas’ book so many times that I decided I needed to read the book itself.  Having Hauerwas’ as a lens, I knew a bit of what to expect from the book, but I didn’t really know how it was going to get there.


The reason why this book is influential for me is that it give me hope when I know that the world around me is changing. We can ignore the signs and be completely enveloped in the changes without a way to fend for ourselves.  But even if we are smart enough to leave, there are many temptations that distract us to finding the right place.  There are those who are threatened by us even existing.  Reality is – the world is always changing and we cannot just sit pat and do nothing.