It might seem odd of all the books I put as influential that this one is included.  This book was created after a string of computer games (Warcraft, Warcraft II, and Warcraft III) created a stir that the gaming company – Blizzard – created a massive multi-player online role playing game (MMORPG) called World of Warcraft (WoW). WoW is a monthly, subscription based game that had as many as 10 million accounts active at the same time.  The WoW universe was created mostly off of the Warcraft trilogy, but was supplemented with other source material along with playful nods to almost anything and everything pop culture.


That’s great, Mike, but why is this book so influential?  Here is my answer.  It is a world-making book that tries to tie up all the loose ends that players have had for years.  Understanding how the WoW universe was put together and specifically how the Titans respond to discovering Azeroth makes the multiple hours of gameplay that my wife and I have some kind of justification.  If that last sentence doesn’t make sense to you, then you are probably unfamiliar with WoW… and that’s okay.


I like lore.  I like overarching stories that I experience even if I do not notice it until much later.  I played through the Warcraft series and WoW off and on for over ten years.  When Chronicle Volume 1 came out, there were new layers of freshness that made the game fun in new ways.

The book is influential in that it connects dots that make sense of the world… of Warcraft.


Also, it is beautifully written and great pictures.