So here’s the deal. You can buy my book, Becoming Oaks, through and get a pretty copy of the book. Or you can buy it directly from me.
It might take a little longer, but I like the personal connection of sending you a signed copy of my book with a personalized thank you note attached. Also, buying from me costs you less, saves you a shipping cost and creates more value.

If you pre-order the physical copy from me, I will include the signed book with a thank you note to you. And you save $2.99 plus shipping!
On top of this, I will send you a copy of Becoming Oaks on a pdf (that you can read on your favorite e-Reader) for FREE! That is an extra $8 value.
$10 Package
($23.99+ Value) includes:
  • A signed, tangible, copy of Becoming Oaks ($12.99 value)
  • A personalized thank you note (sloppy handwriting and all – Priceless value!)
  • FREE shipping (for Continental US orders, reduced shipping for International [Depending on where depends on how much]- this is at least another $3 value)
    • -If you live in or near OKC, I might even bring the book to you- (Priceless value!)
  • FREE PDF copy of Becoming Oaks so you don’t have to wait! ($8 value)
$25 Package
($44.98+ Value) includes:
  • All of the $10 Package ($23.99+ Value)
  • Extra signed copy of the book to give to someone else or add to the collection shelf ($15.99+ value)
  • An acorn (I find these on the ground for free)
  • A signed glossy picture of me dressed as Elsa ($5 value)
$60 Package
($108.94+ Value) includes:
  • All of the $25 Package ($44.98+ Value)
  • 4 Extra signed copies of the book (Grand total of 6 signed copies! $63.96+ Value)
  • A shout out on my blog about how awesome you are! (Priceless value!)
$125 Package
($187.90+ Value)
  • All of the $60 Package ($108.94+ Value)
  • 1 FREE Lunch/Dinner Buffet with me at Pizza Inn, including tip ($15+ Value)
  • 4 more signed copies of the book (Grand total of 10 signed copies! $63.96+ Value)
If this is the kind of deal that makes me look like a not so wise handler of money, I’m okay with that. You can send your money to me through and then email me at telling me who you want to write the thank you note to and who to sign the book to.  Personally, I would do the $10 package, but I do love me some Pizza Inn!
This offer is good through at least 10/31/2016. No promises after that.