I apologize.  Some of you are looking for strategies to win at church basketball games.  That is not what this post is about.

For those of you still reading, church basketball leagues are known to bring out the worst of humanity.  Really this is not limited to basketball or even church leagues.  These are simple ways to make life better.  Having played in several over the years, here are some handy tips at #winning:

  1. Greet every single player on all teams before the games start.
  2. Thank the refs for coming out.  If you hate refs, just thank them and move on.
  3. Thank the score keepers.
  4. Give it your best.
  5. Don’t question foul calls.  They aren’t going to change them anyways.
  6. Figure out how to overcome your disadvantages.
  7. After the game, let all the players on both teams know that you appreciated sharing the court with them.

These 7 simple things can set the tone and make the games more fun for all involved.

Until next time.