Can you believe it is already/only January 30? In some ways, it feels like it is already May, while in others, maybe January 10!  

Because it is a Captain America Ornament

For me, the month has been interesting. I have made some serious investments in my hobby of Toastmasters by getting more training for leadership and taking on speaking opportunities in other clubs. I have not been part of this program even a year yet, but I continue to meet great and interesting people from all walks of life. The leadership training actually crosses over to my travel agency. 

I have the pleasure to work with 11 other individuals in accomplishing their dreams. For some, selling travel is their ultimate goal. Others are using it as a hobby until they move on to something else. I am privileged to help both.

Because my daily drive to work is 30 minutes each way, I finally found a way to maximize my learning while in the car. I listen to podcasts. Also, I listen to them at 1.5 or 2 times the regular speed. Once I roomed with Bob and he was able to listen at something several times the normal speed… Speed listening! We can train our minds to hear and comprehend the same thing quicker. This has helped me work through several hours of listening material in only 2/3 the time.

My daughter is getting older every day. She does not seem like the little girl from January 2. She is becoming a teenager at 9 1/2. Yikes!

My 8-5 job has gone well. I have one of the best bosses I have ever had. He has both the will to tell me when I make mistakes and the grace to tell me in a way that helps me do better. Oh my… I just made a Will & Grace reference…

For the last two days of January, I have a pretty busy schedule: today my family and I are helping others as a reminder that we have been helped in the past; I am investing in myself in a way I have not done in a long time (we are talking about over 10 years) thanks to the encouragement of Kim, Laurette, and a few others. This is scary for me because I usually take calculated risks. Most importantly, my family and I have to watch a lot of Doctor Who tonight and tomorrow night? Why? Because 42.