I am all about saving money, except when it costs more to save that money.


That might sound a bit silly, but I find it humorous how many times I see people spend dollars to save a few cents.  My favorite is when people drive more than 3.5 miles to save 5 cents a gallon on gas.

Let’s make some major assumptions:

1. Your vehicle gets a fixed 30 miles to the gallon (m).

2. Your vehicle has a tank capacity of 15 gallons (g).

3. Gas at your convenience (standard trip/on your way) costs $3.00/gallon ($).

You can modify these numbers to fit your actual experience, but the math should be the same with similar results.

To fill up your tank from completely empty would cost $45.00 ($ x g) and you would be able to drive 450 miles (m x g) equaling $.10/mile ([$ x g] / [m x g]).

A gas station only 3.5 miles away is selling gas for the amazing price of $2.95/gallon!!!

To fill up your tank from completely empty would cost $44.25 with the ability of driving  443 miles (total miles minus the 7 mile round trip) equaling $.09988713/mile.  Sure, you save actual cost of $.0002 per mile, but you have now spent at least 15 minutes (assuming the speed limit is 45/mph or less and that you are driving the speed limit) driving that you did not originally need to and you only save $.75.  This does not take into account all the other variables that can make the trip even more expensive.  The less expensive gas station will probably have more customers with a line.  Also, and your mileage may vary (pun intended), I find that most people pay cash at the gas pumps that are less expensive.  If this is true for you, you are now spending close to 30 minutes of your time to save $.75.  That is more time than to watch an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine with commercials!

For me, spending an additional 30 minutes to save $.75 is more wasteful than your kid taking one bite out of a burger and being full (at least you have to option to eat the burger yourself or save it for later).

But gas is not the only cost variable that people will spend more money to save pennies.  When I worked for the now defunct Eckerd’s, we would constantly have customers driving back and forth between us and Walgreen’s that was catercorner to us.  To save $1 here and $.37 there, I would see the same customer at least 3 separate times that day where they might have saved $5.  I’m sure they saved about the same at our competitor for a grand total of about $10 over 3 hours.  These customers did not stop by either of our establishments on their way somewhere else.  The two stores were the only destinations.

So what does this have to do with my title, “Why Should I Hire You?”  At one time, I was a DJ.  Supposedly the most common question was “why should I hire a DJ when I can plug an iPod into the speaker?”  It’s true.  Even for a cheap DJ, an iPod with all the music on it will be less expensive.  You shouldn’t hire a DJ to just play music.  You hire a DJ to read the crowd and play appropriate music at an appropriate time to create an ideal and desired outcome.  The really good DJs go way beyond music.  They find ways to maximize your event to fit in your vision.  My friend Gordon Slagle put together a list of questions to ask potential disc jockeys.  Gordon invested a lot into my training and preparation as a DJ and if you are looking for a quality DJ, I highly recommend him.

A current area that I hear the title question is in my pursuit of being a travel agent.  If price is the only reason you book a travel agent, you will probably be disappointed.  A good travel agent will be able to get your ideal vacation for about the same price as what you could get on your own without charging you a penny.  I cannot speak to the way it used to be before the internet, but travel agents rarely need to paid directly by a customer as opposed to the supplier.  If you book a trip to Walt Disney World (WDW), Disney pays me, not you.  You do not pay more to go to Disney World by booking with me.  My agency, Once Upon A Time Vacations, and more specifically my travel group, Magical Partners Travel (MPT), strongly encourage giving out perks that make the trip a little more pleasant for you and your family.  The items vary with the vacation, but some of the perks we have given are gift cards, travel packs for the children, comic books, stuffed animals, and other fun items.  To make it a little easier, my travel group has a video and five specific reasons to use a travel agent.  I’m confident that all of the agents at Once Upon A Time Vacations will help your dream vacation come true.  Of course, I would prefer that you use the MPT agents, and more specifically, me.


That’s great and everything, but how does this save you money?  I’m sorry, I have been a little mischievous.  I wasn’t meaning to say that you would save money by not driving further to get gas or hiring a DJ or travel agent.  I’m quite sure you will spend more money (at least in the first two options; travel agents should get you at least as good of a deal as you can get, plus perks).  My argument here is that saving money is not always the best option.  There are exceptions to the rule, but I prefer piece of mind over small savings.  Even if you pay a few hundred dollars for a DJ, you will come out on top in the long run as people will celebrate your event and you will endure a lot less stress.  In WDW, my fellow agents and I will be ready at 6am EST to make your dining reservations 180 days before you are even there!  Some of the restaurant options are sold out within a few hours (and in rare cases, a few minutes) for a reservation half a year away.  If it is all booked up, we will slave away looking for any cancellations to get you your desired meal.  You might be willing to do the same, but that’s a time commitment that might be more costly than you realize.


time money


Which weighs more?


My premise is that your time is almost always more valuable than your money.  You might choose to spend your time in unproductive ways, but it is still more valuable.  Money can be saved up, time cannot.  You should hire me (or whoever…. nah, hire me!) because you will have more time to do what you want to do.