I want to thank Matt Urish for permission to publish his poetry to my blog.
I Can’t Even Find A Pun For This Title
by Matt Urish
Part Looney-Tune,
Part philosopher,
All funny.
You flowed from stream of popular consciousness
You referenced things I wouldn’t get for
Another fifteen years.
You carpenter framed it
With physical comedy two by fours
Just in case you didn’t quite catch it.
You danced ballet with your voice.
There is one less reason to laugh
In the world today.
But, your legacy will continue
To inspire
Generations of smiles.
With everything you did,
You paved the road for comedians, artists, actors,
And yes,
Even crappy poets like me.
Thanks, Robin.
“How do you get to Heaven?
“Laughter, lots of laughter”
My thoughts on Robin Williams.