So it has been a couple weeks of silence on my part.  I’m starting to be okay with that.  Last May, I thought I needed to post everyday to be satisfied.  That has definitely changed.  I have decided that I like writing, but having a huge following is not as important as I once thought.  I still struggle with wanting to be an important person at a grand scale, but not deal with the grand scale problems that come with it.  So for now, my erratic writing suits me just fine.

I have definitely rekindled my joy regarding Disney over the past year.  It was about a year ago that my parents mentioned they would like to whisk my family to the magic of Disney this year.  This gave me a goal of losing some weight (so I wouldn’t be huffing as much in the parks).  I started at 386.5 lbs as of May 24.  Currently, I am about 361 lbs and should be around 355 once the anniversary of my tracking happens.  Without a couple of health issues, I’m confidant I would have been a lot lower in weight, but alas, I am not.  In fact I was down to about 355 lbs in September, but that is misleading as I was forced to a small diet while preparing for and recovering from a kidney stone procedure.  Only 3 months later, I ballooned back up to 373 lbs.  This time however, I have been slowly losing a pound here and there.  After we get back from Disney, I plan to make a more serious effort to lose weight as my current spending money is locked up into our vacation.  And clothes for big guys are expensive!

However, losing 25-30 lbs in a year is still pretty decent.  My secret is simple: Sleep more (like at least 7-8 hours a night, eat a little less at a time, and exercise a little bit – in that order.  Nutritionists and trainers are agreeing more and more that getting the proper amount of sleep is the most important thing to being healthy.  Eating less is next on the list, and surprising to me, exercise is the least important of the 3.

I really am looking forward to Orlando this summer.  As I mentioned above, I am enjoying the ambiance of what Disney has been in my life and ways that we might be able to customize it to my family in the future.  The previous two times my wife and I have Disney’ed, she wasn’t super impressed.  This time around, she is looking forward to it as well.  My daughter is super excited and I’m hoping we are able to avoid meltdowns while there!

Over the past month, my pastoral side has been explored by others more than about any other time since I stopped pastoring.  I will share some of the exploration in a future post, but I do find it interesting that these things have come up.

To end with, let me present this picture from the internet:

Joy (I guess they are jumping for joy?… weirdos!)