I feel a little embarrassed that I gave my top 10 without mentioning my all-time favorite Disney character, Figment.

This is even more embarrassing as Figment is one of the reasons why I got the snot kicked out of me in Jr. High.  I guess I have somewhat repressed those memories?

Whatever the reason, Figment is one of the most loved and least known Disney characters.  The chances of one knowing who he is without having visited Epcot at Walt Disney World is very slim.  Figment is featured in the attraction, “Journey into Imagination.”  Back in the mid-80s, there weren’t a lot of kid friendly rides at Epcot.  Everything was scary in some way to me except for this one ride, and the star was a cute little dragon-esque Figment character.  To help reinforce Figment’s likability was the song, One Little Spark, which ends with a seemingly never ending refrain of the word, “imagination.”

Figment is fun.  People do some pretty cool stuff with his image.  With the acquisition of Marvel, Disney is planning on releasing a new comic book based on Figment and Dreamfinder.  Every time I go, I buy some sort of Figment memorabilia.  What will I buy this time?

Dreamfinder (Stitch) with Figment
Cool Figment Fanart