2. Stitch, from Lilo & Stitch


I love Stitch.  He’s blue.  He’s misunderstood.  He’s smart.  And he is an alien.  I was fortunate enough to get to see a behind the scenes preview of the movie and fell in love with the character.  My wife and I went to see Lilo & Stitch on the weekend we got engaged.  I loved the little blue dude.

Experiment 626 (Stitch) was created by an evil doctor who programmed the monstrosity to be unstoppable in the worst ways.  Because his spaceship crashed on Hawaii, Stitch was unable to wreck massive destruction on the world.  Through a series of events, he gets adopted by a little girl named Lilo who teaches Stitch about being good.  All of the followup movies deal with Stitch’s struggle of being good despite being programmed as evil.  Similarly, I believe that no person is good or bad in and of themselves.  Persons do good things and persons do bad things.  As these accumulate, they gain the reputation of being good or bad.

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