Rapunzel, from Tangled

Is is possible to do a favorite Disney character’s list without mentioning a princess?  I think not.  Fortunately, this was an easy choice for me.

When I took my daughter to see Tangled, I expected to get some rest as I was a little sick.  However, I was absolutely amazed at what an awesome movie Tangled was.  Rapunzel was awesome!  She was selfless, heroic, and tough.  Sure she is a little bit naive, but being separated from the rest of humanity for all of your life can lead to that.  Rapunzel could easily be higher on this list if it were not already so full.  Maybe she will rise the charts if Disney gives her another movie.



12. Agent P11. Rapunzel10. Ferb9. Yoda8. Alice7. Kermit6. Wreck-It RalphTied – 4. Roger RabbitTied – 4. Mickey Mouse3. Captain America2. Stitch1. Wall-EBest Ever: Figment