Tied – #4. Roger Rabbit, from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Eddie Valiant with Roger Rabbit

After reminiscing, I am honestly surprised that Roger Rabbit is so low on my list.  For a solid 14 years of my life, the rabbit who makes Jessica laugh was my absolute favorite Disney character.  In 2002, Stitch overtook him and a few years later Wall-E overtook them both.

Even though he is tied with Mickey Mouse for fourth, Roger should not be under-estimated.  For one thing, he was one of the first impressions I learned to do.  For another, his penchant for silliness shows that there is another way to win than pure violence.  This is a narrative that has shaped my life through my religious convictions or non-violent resistance.  Roger Rabbit is no longer my favorite, but he’s still super awesome. 😀

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