My wife was a little upset with me for not mentioning why my ranking system is the way it is for my favorite Disney characters.  I wanted to come up with a great excuse or something, but then I realized that it would be easier to use the Disney characters rankings for 12 future posts.  So here is the first of my explanations for the rankings.


#8.  Alice, from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland


My fondness from Alice comes mostly because it is the first animated Disney movie I remember seeing on the Disney Channel.  In fact, it would be close to 30 years ago today that I watched it.  You see, back then, the Disney Channel was a premium channel like HBO or Showtime.  However, two or three times a year, they would give a free week of viewing Disney to encourage subscriptions.  One of the times thirty years ago, they showed Alice in Wonderland.

I remember that I was sick the day that Disney offered Alice in Wonderland.  I doubt I was purposefully skipping school that day at 5 years old, but it was the Disney Channel!  There was something pretty cool about this girl who kept growing incredibly big and then teeny-tiny.  The only other thing I remember about that first watching was the Cheshire Cat’s smile.  It was mesmerizing and creepy.

Over the years, I’ve probably watched the movie 50-60 times.  I cannot say that it is my favorite movie.  In fact, it is one of the more annoying ones as I get older.  But there is something about the innocence of Alice that is portrayed that I really like.  When we go to Disney later this year, she is one of the top 3 characters I want a picture with (along with Ferb and Stitch).


12. Agent P11. Rapunzel10. Ferb9. Yoda8. Alice7. Kermit6. Wreck-It RalphTied – 4. Roger RabbitTied – 4. Mickey Mouse3. Captain America2. Stitch1. Wall-E, Best Ever: Figment