A few things have happened over the past few days that have me reconsidering what to write about… yet again.

I had been preparing to write about my particular viewpoints on various controversial issues ranging from homosexuality to abortion to Obama to guns, etc.  I actually have written a few unpublished blogs about these issues.  Ultimately, my views might be interesting, but they would only be polarizing to people that I care about.  Several others have written more eloquently regarding the issues in ways that I would have probably mimicked.  At best, I could share a new point of view to those who do not keep up with the issues.  However, I think the views would not lead to healthy debate but cheap shots and things along that nature.

I subscribe to the blog Zen Pencils and have enjoyed Gavin’s recent four-part series called the Artist-Troll War (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4).  Constructive criticism should always be helpful and even though people have a right to whatever opinion, there is a proper place to share these.  Several people say nasty things because they believe they are free to make whatever response without consequence.

The statements I want to make come more from my nasty side than my well-balanced and thought out side.  This past weekend had several interesting events that made me realize that being positive (not to be confused with fake smiling) is even more important than ever.  The way I act and react to things always makes some kind of impact whether big or small.  So the question becomes what kind of impact am I making?  Positive, negative or something else?

I believe that being positive is one of the hardest things to do for most people, especially myself.  Few, if any, of us get to choose exactly what happens directly in our lives.   I once read that Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking, struggled with thinking positively himself.  Things and events happen all around us and we rarely have any control.  If we do have any control, it is attitude.  When life throws me lemons, I rarely make lemonade.  Instead, I constantly fume about how I want Dr Pepper!  It is very difficult for me to be positive when I see injustices in the world.  I generally make matters worse by thinking deeply about these issues until I stress myself out to sickness.

I need to learn to let it go and keep moving forward.  My perfect world will never exist, so maybe I need to enjoy the world I have.  Still trying. 🙂