One team is going to be everyone’s favorite.  They will hit hard times early on in the season.  They will no longer be anyone’s favorite (except for homers).  Some other team will seem pretty decent and get rave reviews and many will predict Super Bowl for them.

A team that did poorly in 2013 will win no more than 2 games against teams with winning records, but will either win or be within two games of winning their division to which “experts” will agree that said team is the real deal.  Amazingly, there will be a good team that everyone will see ignore the quality of their losses and only see their record.  They will advance beyond the first round of the playoffs.

The Dallas Cowboys will make the playoffs for the first time under the tutelage of Jason Garrett.  The Cowboys will host the first team mentioned and get blown out at home.  Despite Jerry Jones saying that Garrett’s job is safe, he will cut ties with Garrett.  He will then try to hire a coach that will publicly turn him down (I’m guessing Josh McDaniels).  Jones will say he was never really interested.

The Patriots will still win 10 games with a team that any other coach would have with 4 wins.

The Redskins will show signs of life under Coach Gruden.

Peyton Manning will find some other positive record to break that upsets the team because the record was signed by Miles Davis.  Har har har!