Some quick Super Bowl 2014 thoughts:

*Peyton Manning did about as good as any qb could have done with the team he was playing with.  Again, I am by no means a fan, but how does one do better without an offensive line?  All three of his turnovers were caused by the defense more than a bad decision by Manning.

*How scary is Seattle right now?  They are the second youngest team in the league.  They have cap room.  They will not be losing anyone they do not want to lose.  This team is most likely to be the dynasty of the 10s.  Rushing TD, Passing TD, Field Goal, Safety, Kick Return TD, Pick-Six, Extra Point… they only missed a Fumble-Six, a Punt Return TD, and a 2-Point conversion to score every way possible in a game.

*Pete Carroll has the distinction of being the first coach in the free agency era to win both a college football National Championship (now vacated) and a Super Bowl.  The college game was won 55-19 and the pro one 43-8.  One point difference in spread.  That is possibly the most amazing statistic in the game.

*Super Bowl trends in history:

NFC: 2-0 (67-68)

AFC: 11-2 (69-81)

NFC: 14-1 (82-97)

AFC: 8-2 (98-07)

NFC: 5-2 (08-14)

Overall, the NFC has a 25-22 advantage over the AFC.

The NFC looks to be mounting another major streak in Super Bowl wins.  No team in the AFC looks to be anywhere in league with the Seahawks and 49ers over the next few years.

*In addition to previous stat, the Super Bowl wins have not gone back and forth over and over again in its history.

*I am continually amazed at how much people put stock in offense, especially in the playoffs.  Both college and pro ball the better the defense, the better the chance to win the championship.  There was a time when a high score was 21 points.  That is considered bad in today’s NFL.  In particular to the rule changes that favor the offense, it should make Seattle’s defense all the more spectacular.

*I am even more amazed at how undervalued special teams are in the money market of the NCAA and NFL.  Auburn got to the BCS championship because of a special teams play and the turning point of their loss in the BCS championship was because of special teams play.  The air was officially knocked out of Denver when Percy Harvin scored with his kick return touchdown.

*Watching the trenches, I noticed two interesting things: 1) Holding was more rampant than in any Super Bowl I have ever seen; 2) Holding hardly got called at all, and when it did, they really didn’t have that much choice.

*I think the NFL is going to have to require helmets that reduce concussions.  Maybe they’ll do a NHL stance and let current players keep their current helmets, but the helmet that Aaron Rodgers wears has helped him tremendously, especially after taking so many shots.  The Super Bowl had too many head collisions that knocked players out for a few plays.  Those new helmets could go a long way into player safety and lawsuits.

*Congrats, Seattle!  Sorry, Denver. 😦