Shameless plug on my blog for my afterthoughts on the Super Bowl.

***End Update***

So, for one last quick blog before the US is battling the elements while the Super Bowl in Jersey is played in… above 40 degree weather!

Before the weather hit Oklahoma City this morning, I was planning on catching the game at a local bar.  With the weather happenings, I figure it will be safer to be home and avoid any and all potential accidents.  I do not have my television hooked up to anything but the internet, so I am unable to watch the Super Bowl, right?  Wrong!  For all you others who have not coughed up money for digital tv, you can stream the game today for free from http://msn.foxsports.com/foxsportsgo/  It seems to stream better than Wrestlemania last year, so I will watch the game some… while probably playing NCAA Football on my tv. 🙂

Despite all my talk being against Peyton Manning, I really don’t care who wins the Super Bowl.  I want both teams to do their best and when the game is over, I hope there are no regrets.  That is the saddest thing an athlete can go through.  My high school football team qualified for the State Championship my junior year and played a much superior opponent.  Though it sucked to lose, it was a great experience and I think most of us savored it.  Our senior year, we did not savor the experience and many of us were left bitter exiting the first round.  I hope both the Seahawks and Broncos play their best games of the season.  When the clock runs out, I hope they enjoy being apart of an exclusive part of playing history.

I really cannot believe that the weather is worse in the South than in the first outdoor northern Super Bowl.  That astounds me.

The Seattle Seahawks are my choice to cheer for because of these reasons:

1. I like the city of Seattle… or I think I do.  It is a place I want to visit.  I’ve been to Denver.  It’s nice.  Not a place for me.

2. Seattle plays smash mouth football on both sides.  They use a power running game and hard hitting defense.  It’s old school football.  In this world of spread offenses and bend, but don’t break defenses we see in college and the NFL, it’s a little sickening.

3. I was disappointed when I recently went to Wes Welker’s bar.  I was already a little upset for him leaving the team that made him an NFL star (New England Patriots), but that’s business.  Welker’s bar in OKC is aesthetically beautiful.  It’s a place I would want to go and watch sports games.  The food was horribly overpriced for food that made Denny’s look like filet mignon.  They messed up my wife’s salad.  How do you mess up a salad?  I didn’t know that was possible until I went to Wes Welker’s.

4. Seattle deserves some feel good championship love.  The SuperSonics were at their best at the time that Jordan’s Bulls owned the championship game.  Then the SuperSonics were removed from Seattle for lack of fan support by a greedy owner to OKC (yay, Thunder?).  The Seattle-Pittsburgh Super Bowl referee mentioning that Seattle not having a fair chance is disturbing.  The Mariners just can’t get a break.  Denver already has 6 Super Bowl appearances, winning two of them.

5. I don’t like Peyton Manning or John Fox.

6. I love Earl Thomas.  Hook ’em Horns!

7. I would love for a non-traditional quarterback to have a Super Bowl ring on his finger.  The last time that happened was Denver’s John Elway… after he became a tradional qb.  Before that it was Steve Young.  Let’s give some running qb love.

Hope everyone enjoys the game… or the commercials if you don’t like football… or at least the social aspect of the game.