Wildcard Round: 1-3.  I got the San Francisco game right. (1-3 Overall)

Divisional Round: 4-0.  Pretty darn awesome if you ask me. (5-3 Overall)

Conference Championship Round: 0-2.  It’s a good thing I’m a game guy and not a points guy.  However, my games guesses were both wrong.  (5-5 Overall)

I want to make sure something is very clear.  I have no problem admitting when I am wrong… if I recognize I am wrong.  Also, I would like to give a shout-out to my diehard Denver friend, Mandi.  She had the awesome pleasure of getting to watch her Broncos eviscerate my incorrect winner in Denver.  Despite me being wrong, I am very happy for her.  She is an awesome person and deserves to see her team win the AFC Championship.

So I’m going ahead and predicting that Denver loses to Seattle for the game of games.

I really don’t have anything against Denver itself.  I cheered for them in their past two Super Bowls.  I do not like Peyton Manning, which I’ll share about in next week’s blog.  I’m not super impressed with coach John Fox.  He is a decent coach, but I think McDaniels would have done just as well if not better over the past 3 years.

Seattle has everything going for it right now.  They beat their current divisional arch-rival in the conference championship which was the best team in football.  Even though he coached USC, Pete Carroll is probably the third best coach in the NFL right now.  The fact that he has more-or-less handcrafted his young team and brought them to the Super Bowl this year is scary.  Green Bay owned the 60s, Pittsburgh the 70s, San Francisco the 80s, Dallas the 90s, and New England the 00s.  I believe that at the end of this decade, Seattle will be the owners, which is disappointing for me as a Dallas fan.

If I am right, I still owe donuts to my boss since the Niners didn’t win the Super Bowl.  If I am wrong, congrats to Mandi and all my Denver fan friends.  The Seahawks win 35-23.