Brady & Belichick – My Choice Combo, but not who I think will have a new ring. 😦


Because I often like to claim that I am right in my predictions, it seems necessary to make them public so others can scrutinize.  Even if I “admit” to being wrong about every game except the Green Bay-San Francisco one in the first round, I had not put it down for people to see.  Saying that I was 4-0 in the divisional round is fairly meaningless as well.  Finally, the fact that my pre-season Super Bowl prediction is still very likely is completely unverifiable.  So I shall make my picks known before the conference championship games take place.

Super Bowl

San Francisco d. New England 24-23

This is the Super Bowl matchup that was supposed to happen 2 years ago.  In that game I predicted that New England would win big.  However, many things have changed in the past 2 years.  The 49ers are the most hungry team in the NFL.  The fact they might be the most talented team and the 2nd best coached team tells me they win this one, albeit sloppy.  After being robbed in the NFC Championship game against the Giants two years ago, and then losing the Super Bowl last year, I see the 49ers wanting this more than anything else.  The coaching matchup between Belichick and Harbaugh will be fantastic.  Even though I’m picking San Francisco, I’m hoping the Patriots come away with the win.

NFC Conference Championship

San Francisco d. Seattle 35-17

Seattle is the only team to compete with the 49ers in regards to talent.  In the next 3-4 years, I see the Seahawks as being Super Bowl champions at least once and contenders 2-3 times.  Again, the 49ers are hungrier and need this game more.

AFC Conference Championship

New England d. Denver 34-31

The only reason this game will be close is because New England’s defense is too injured to put on a clinic.  Peyton Manning will go down as the greatest quarterback statistically in the NFL, but I can never see him with 2 rings on his fingers, let alone even playing in another Super Bowl again… unless he is holding for the kicker.  I’ve never been a Manning fan, but I am still confused as to why he picked Denver over San Francisco.  Had he chosen the latter, his statistics would have been untouchable and he would have that 2nd ring, not to mention a 3rd one this year.  January has never been Peyton’s month.  Fox is not a Super Bowl coach.  The defense has too many weaknesses.  For some reason, the Chargers actually had a chance to be in this game.  If Denver somehow wins this game, I predict the 49ers win the biggest Super Bowl blowout in history.  I have yet to even mention why I think the Patriots will win this game.  The answer: Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.  The bonus reasons: January playoff game; it’s outside; Belichick; Brady.


Please tell me how I know nothing about football and/or [Your Team Here].  I welcome the exchange. 🙂