I know, I know.  My writing has gone down over the past couple of months and I know that the masses are screaming for more writing!

The FEEL SPECTRES rocking the 'boat.'
The FEEL SPECTRES rocking the ‘boat.’

These are some of the comments that I have definitely not received:


“Have you heard of the newest thing that will make your life a little bit more enjoyable for only 600 easy payments of $49.95 plus S&H?  Email me back to find out the best deals!”

“Um… your stuff is like, um, mind-blowing… um… you should definitely write more um stuff.”


Nothing super exciting has happened per se, but I have made some decisions to write about more of my thoughts and concerns.  Throughout the rest of this year, I hope to cover some ground on bullying in the workplace, revisit the idea of unchurchables from an article I wrote about 7 years ago, and a few interviews about various people that interest me including band members from the FEEL SPECTRES, pastor Nick Tarter, and possibly a few “former pastors.”  This will be interspersed with some new additions to the “Dealing With Difficult People” series and anything I consider to be awesome.


However, I want to hear from you, my adoring fans.  What would you like to see me cover in future blogs?  Leave a comment below or send me your thoughts.