I want to be known as a person who helps others accomplish their dreams.  This has not always been true of me.  I really have only noticed this over the past 10 months.  As I have mentioned in a previous post, I had crushed others’ dreams because of how broken I am.  One of my favorite things is trying to help other people work towards their dreams in some realistic, concrete ways.  I still struggle with the realistic ways sometimes because some people have a lot to do to get to their dreams.  However, I like helping them overcome those obstacles.

It is not hard for me to find people interesting.  I love listening to their stories… if they have purpose and/or meaning.  Just telling me about how your day went yesterday is kinda boring even though I have to ask it to get to the good stuff.  Few people will open up their lives to deep vulnerability without having established trust first.  I get that… I just want to skip that.

Some people say there are several jobs that you can help others.  Among them: teacher, writer, pastor, counselor, life coach, lawyer, dark overlord of the Jedi Empire, etc.  None of these sound particularly for me.  Let me illustrate below.


This profession is the one people refer to me the most.  I have  a lot of knowledge in my noggin and I like to help people, so I should be a teacher, right?  As Lee Corso says, “Not so fast, my friend.”  The idea of teaching is very intriguing to me, but I have been a substitute teacher and it wasn’t super appealing to me.  My skill set would be better used in a different way.  (All that being said, I would be open to adult teaching maybe… adults are more stubborn than teenagers.)


As recently as a month ago, I thought I might want to write professionally for a living.  I spent a few hundred hours looking how to promote myself and whatnot; and though I learned a whole bunch of cool things, I realized that is not my dream.  How I came to that is I do not like my writing to be confined to one theme.  I could probably get a huge following if I focused on the whole Former Pastor formula.  And with the following, I would probably net a good amount of money.  But I am not interested in being known primarily as a former pastor.  Obviously, I could pick something else, but nothing in particular sparks my interest… right now.


Hahahahahahaha!  *BREATHE IN DEEP BREATH* Hahahahhahahahaha!  Seriously, no.  Maybe someday in the future… like 20 years down the road, but I’m not ready for that again for quite awhile.  Feel free to read my Former Pastor/Somewhat Minister series to know why.


Out of the options listed, this is the most intriguing for me.  I’m not sure I am dedicated enough to pursue this, though.

Life Coach

Honestly, this sounds good, but it still feels very hokey to me.  For all those who make a living doing this, kudos to you.  It is just not for me.


This is my dream from the past that I did not pursue at the time I should have.  Law is more of a hobby for me now.

Dark Overlord of the Jedi Empire

I would be okay with this one, however, I have friends who would relish this opportunity much more than I.

What are your dreams?