Most all of us come across people who only seem to whine and complain about everything. You know these people as difficult, even on their good days.

This new series is how I deal with the varieties of difficult people I have come across in my life. To start the series off, it is proper to begin with the Narcissist.

The Narcissist
This is the person that sucks the energy right out of you by self-referencing themselves in every conversation.

The problem:
They constantly believe the world revolves around them.

When you strike up a conversation, they somehow always turn the focus back to themselves. Meaningful discussion falls by the wayside as they take center stage…regarding everything. The narcissist will never stop talking, especially about themselves, unless you do something about it.

*Give them your divided attention when conversing.

*Allow yourself to be distracted by shiny things.
Believe me, they will turn it back to themselves if you let them.

*Sometimes walking away is your only option. It might seem rude, but they will find someone else to engross their story upon.

*A fun way to deal with narcissists is to come up with crazy conversation topics and see how they turn it back to themselves.

*Find their peanut butter (metaphorically speaking) and stick it to the roofs of their mouths (figuratively or literally speaking).

How do you deal with the Narcissist? Share your story in the comments.