Aristotle changed the philosophical world when he looked at the not yet potential over the already manifestations. The idea he used was with an acorn. An acorn does not find its purpose in remaining an acorn. An acorn has been fully actualized when it has become an oak tree.

Tree fell down.
Tornado make tree fall down.

In the same way, Becoming Oaks is a metaphor for me to realize that I am still growing. I have not become fully actualized yet. The writings shared on this site reflect who I am by listing what I have done in the past, what has been done to me, and the future that I am learning to envision.

There is a uneasy discontentment growing into something great.  You never know what the future might hold.  A squirrel might grab up the acorn before you get planted or the soil might not be the healthiest to take root.  Someone might saw you down before you reach your full potential and you remain a stump.  In the picture attached, a massive tree was torn out of the ground because of the winds of the last Oklahoma tornado.

There are so many things that can go wrong that might make a little acorn want to stay an acorn.  Acorns are generally cuter than oak trees.  That reason alone makes some want to enjoy the youthful discretions that an acorn provides.  Ultimately, if being an acorn is all life is about, it would be a pretty shallow life.

Even though envy and pride sometimes take over, I am fascinated with people who dream to be great oak trees.  Some grow in perfect soil and are colossal.  Some do not yet are still formidable considering their circumstances.  I really do believe that every individual in the world is to become like an oak tree or a butterfly or anything that requires some kind of transformation.  None of us are meant to stay exactly as we are now, but to grow and be metamorphosed by life into something much greater.

Be the oak (or whatever) that when you finally pass, the whole world takes notice because of the value you provide.