With one more episode planned regarding the Former Pastor/Somewhat Minister series, here are some of my plans for the next couple of months.

There have been a couple comments made through Facebook that I do plan to address.  Non-pastoral ministry will be addressed in episode four and a post before Sunday will discuss the differences between pastor and minister.  I am thinking about adding some stories from friends who have been hurt as bad as me or worse by the church.  Sometime, most definitely before October, I plan on describing the thought process behind Becoming Oaks. The book of questions that I had been following through have helped me get back to writing, but unless there is great demand, I doubt I will go back to them as my creative juices are starting to flow again.

As always, though not always mentioned, I would love to hear your feedback whether on the comments here or to my email: becomingoaks@gmail.com

Thank you for your time to read.  Here is a fun picture I took over the past couple of days for your devotion.

Waiting on a friend.
Waiting on a friend.