2013 is almost officially half over and the year is already full of more than two years worth of events. Here are some that have effected my life:

• I decided to leave professional pastoral ministry
• I bought a juicer and a processor/blender today
• Two tornadoes
• My sister-in-law and brother-in-law moved to OKC
• My denomination became more worldly… Er… Cultured in our leadership as well as showing a strong commitment to thinking theologically
• I started working on a living will
• My wife and I reaffirmed that despite our baby envy of our friends, we are more than happy with our one child
• Finally, after 7 years, I am starting to write more and seriously again (about what I want to)
• I started participating in Celebrate Recovery because of some anger issues. Over the past 11 weeks, I have enjoyed the community of support in dealing with my habits, hurts, and hang ups. This is something I would recommend for about anyone who is failing handling their problems without support.
• I got to watch Wrestlemania XXIX with an epic match between CM Punk and the Undertaker
• The honor to officiate a wedding was mine
• Drinking V8 (blech!)
Plus many, many more!

What inspires change? Two things for me: 1. Failure and 2. Wanting the best for my daughter. My hopes for my daughters future are predicated on my failures of the past. I don’t want to live vicariously through my daughter (unless she becomes a wrestling superstar diva) but I want her failures to lead her to some awesome opportunities for her. In a sense, I’m hoping my failures were big enough to induce her to fail better at more important obstacles. I. That way, she can succeed beyond her wildest dreams.

Also, the failure of V8’s taste has led me to buy a juicer to see if I can do better!