11: You are given the power to kill people simply by thinking of their deaths and twice repeating the word “good-bye.” People would die a natural death and no one would suspect you. Are there any situations in which you would use this power?

Well… There would be a lot, and I mean a lot of dead people. Depending at what age I was when I received these powers, it is possible I would be dead as well.

Rabbit Trail: think about the implications of killing oneself and also dying a natural death at the same time. Because no one would ever suspect me, no one would even think it was suicide. Crazy, right?

Honestly, if I were “blessed” with this power, I would want the death to look like a massacre. Why? Well, because I think killing people is a gruesome thing. The victim should not look at peace. Killing people, or should I say murdering people is an act of evil. If I murder someone, I don’t want it to look like they had a heart attack.

But wouldn’t it be better to try to literally get away with murder? No. What if you were next?

Front Door FlowersRabit trail 2: what constitutes repeating the word “good-bye?” Sign language? Morse code? Typing/cut and paste? And if morse code, could any body part tap the code?

The main problem is that I would not want this power.  It is too dangerous for anyone to have.  If a stroke of insanity or rage appeared, it would be a day of pushing daisies.