Walt Disney World – Orlando

Book of Questions #4:  If you could spend one year in perfect happiness but afterward would remember nothing of the experience would you do so?  If not, why not?

My initial reaction is no.  What good would it do to not remember something so wonderful?  It would be pure torture to not know.  Then, after thinking for a few minutes, I realized I would do it.  Here is why:

First of all, if I am in perfect happiness then even without remembering the experience, I should be able logically figure out some of the details based on what I know that makes me currently happy.

Here are things that I know that make me happy:

*Serving people

*Spending time with my wife

*Spending time with my child

*Watching well-written television shows and movies

*Reading well-written books, articles, journals, blogs, magazines, etc.

*Eating at awesome restaurants

*Having awesome conversations with friends

*Encouraging people

*Showing appreciation for people

*Giving gifts

*Intimate spousal time J

*Watching my child grow up

*Walt Disney World

*Universal Studios

*Helping out at my church’s Vacation Bible School

I am absolutely positive that there are things that make me happy that are not on the above list, however I can’t imagine being in perfect happiness without almost all of the things on the list.  Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are the most dispensable, but everything else is almost certain.  Knowing this, a year of perfect happiness would be as beneficial to the world around me as to myself.  That alone makes it worth losing out on some memories.  Besides, as we grow older, we lose our memories anyways.  If you are going to lose your memories, isn’t it better to lose ones that might make the world a better place?