It is amazing how much initial effort it takes to start a new routine. Whether it be a diet, exercise, writing, recovery, or something else that I cannot imagine; it takes effort. Then to continue, especially on daily exercises, it takes tremendous effort to continue. In some ways it becomes easier, but that has more to do with the near constant patterning of participating in the new activity. Many times, as soon as you stop, it is that much more difficult to restart.

For the better part of three years I wrote a daily devotional that possibly reached out to a few hundred people. I never kept track of the official numbers, and I have even less of an idea how many people read it, but it was read by at least a few people.

Currently, I am trying to restart a few things at the same time. I love writing and am working on getting in the habit of starting it back up after a couple of years. I am also trying to eat healthier for me. Mostly that means eating one less slice of pizza, getting one less refill of Dr Pepper, drinking at least 100 ounces of water daily, and today, forcing myself to drink one V8 a day (yuck).

I have been really impressed with Seth Godin’s blog, especially regarding polishing. Godin rightly points out that a product that is helpful is more important than a perfect product that never gets placed. My main fear with writing is that it is never ready to be published… Even to a blog. That is one reason I am forcing myself to publish my thoughts: to get over my reticence of non-perfection.

For those of you that read this, I appreciate your thoughts. Feel free to leave a light or deep comment and challenge me.