To help practice writing more, I will be working through Gregory Stock’s “Book of Questions.” (BoQ)

BoQ #2: Do you believe in ghosts or evil spirits? Would you be willing to spend a night alone in a remote house that is supposedly haunted?

My answer to both questions is yes. However there are caveats to both.

Evil spirits, yes. Ghosts, in a sense. I believe that there can be evil so powerful that it might be seen with the naked eye; these are generally what we refer to as ghosts. The way ghosts and spirits that are personified in tv and movies (and for that matter, print media) seem to me to be more works of imagination than someone’s experience. However, fantastical they may or may not look I does not factor in my understanding of them.

Some would point out that my religion alone might lead me to believe in spirits, and it does. At the same time, I understand how some outside my faith might see that as a illegitimate reason.

As far as spending the night in a remote house, that is just silly. My thoughts alone bring me to a place of wonder in what my motivation would be. Is there money in involved or is it just a simple dare? A dare would seem to be lacking for me, but if there were some incentive I would have no qualms with the idea. Regarding the haunted nature, it really does not concern me.