The third and final installment of Collins’ Hunger Games embraces the themes from the previous two books.  Yet it is in the third story that we see that Collins ultimately want to tell a story of hope.  Now to be fair, all three books tell about hope, but Mockingjay is relentless in its pursuit of hope.

Hope can be found in so many people, places, and things.  Sometimes hope is misguided.  Sometimes what we believe is hope is actually our thirst for vengeance.  Hope can challenge our survival instincts.  Sometimes it is possible to hope in things that we do not trust.  And throughout Mockingjay all of these turns regarding hope take place.

Where do you put your hope?  Does your hope get you out of bed and move you to action?  As you read this book, look at all the places the characters put their hope.  Which of these are places you place your hope?