Does this guy deserve a break?

Sunday night, my Facebook News Feed displayed signs of breaking as Tebow mania once again broke loose after Tim tossed a winning touchdown pass in overtime.

I like Tim Tebow.  I liked him in college.  I liked him when he beat OU for his second National Championship.  I applauded Josh McDaniels for drafting him in the first round.  As both a Christian and a pastor, I am happy that Tebow loves Jesus and is willing to tell people so.

What I don’t like is people giving a pass to a playoff quarterback who is having a terrible time passing the ball consistently.  One fan even wrote me to ask if it mattered as long as Denver is winning.  My response is that yes, it does matter… possibly even more because they are winning.  If Denver was losing, getting Tebow’s accuracy up would be a major priority if he were to remain with the team.  But because they are winning, people ignore the flaws that might doom the Broncos next season.

I also do not like is the arguments that people only criticize Tim because he is a Christian.  They further this by saying that his 9-4 record as a starter this year proves he belongs.  This is bunk, plain and simple.  A few years ago David Garrard won more games as well as a playoff game and he has never really done well since.  One season does not get you off the hook.  Think of all the current quarterbacks who are called overrated right now: Eli Manning, Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, Tony Romo.  I have even heard people say that Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers are overrated.  If these guys don’t get a break, why would be give it to a guy who hasn’t even played a full 16 games?

Well, I predicted it last week.  Alabama won, and they did so convincingly.  It makes me sad that LSU won the first meeting because I have believed all season that Alabama was the best football team from top-to-bottom.  Nick Saban is perhaps the best coach in college football right now.  The only one who consistently matched wits was Urban Meyer, and it will be a couple years before we see the two meet again (not to mention Meyer had health problems keeping up with Saban).  LSU is not an overrated football team as some suggest.  The problem is Les Miles.  He is an above average coach with possibly the best talent in the nation.  It would be scary to see a good or great coach take over at LSU.  Congrats, Alabama!  My hope is that the Big 12 wins it from you guys next season.

Well, I pretty much bombed in my predictions last week.  It is my worst start to guessing the playoffs in years.  New Orleans won, which at least gave me some points on the board.  The only “upset” was the Broncos beating the Steelers.  Several articles will explain why which team won and you can search elsewhere for the analysis.  I am happy that I was wrong about Houston.  I would love for them to break the bank and win the Super Bowl… though I don’t think it will happen.  One interesting note from last week is that it is the first time in over a decade that all of the home teams won during the wild card round.  Pretty cool.  Now on to my divisional predictions:

New England d. Denver; Baltimore d. Houston; Green Bay d. New York Giants (NYG); New Orleans d. San Francisco.

I’m still keeping with my original predictions this round in regards to the winners, but I could see any of the teams win their respective games this weekend, save Denver.  If Denver wins, I will be astonished.  Despite my prediction, I would love to see Houston win.  I think the Giants have a very good chance to defeat a depressed Packers.  With the recent tragic news, I could see the Packers come out flat and not gain momentum.  Finally, the 49ers will prove if they are puff or brawn against the Saints.  If the Niners can develop a good pass rush against Saints, I think they will keep it close.

2012 Playoff Predictions: 1-3