Before I saw him at the Heisman ceremonies, I liked Andrew Luck a lot.  Then I saw him and heard him speak and thought, “This guy is being compared to Peyton Manning?”  Then after thinking about it some more, I realized he really is like Peyton Manning, except that he might be the most classy guy to come out of college football… ever!  Save a bungled handoff, Luck played flawless against Oklahoma State in the Fiesta Bowl.  They lost because their kicker had the yips.  Yet after the game, Luck showed so much class.  Just like at the Heisman ceremony.  He was asked if it was worth coming back for his junior year despite losing the Heisman, losing the bowl, and not getting a National Championship appearance.  He said it absolutely was worth it.  I really hope Andrew Luck does not play for the Colts.  I have never been able to cheer for that team.  Even though it would cost Dallas, I would love to see Luck play for Mike Shanahan in Washington.  I think Luck would make the Redskins relevant and would benefit from Mike Shanahan."Andrew Luck"